Government urged to reform Landfill Tax

05 Apr 2024

Think tank Localis has urged the government to reform Landfill Tax to help cut down on waste crime and illegal activity by organised gangs.

Localis argued that the gap between standard levels of Landfill Tax and lower levels has led to an escalation in waste crime, including fly tipping and illegal dumping.

It said that the costs of waste crime have 'burgeoned' by 55% since 2015 to around £1 billion a year. The think tank recommends introducing a tax band to bridge the gap between standard and lower Landfill Tax rates, 'reducing the incentive for misclassification of waste and promoting fairer taxation'.

Jonathan Werran, Chief Executive of Localis, said: 'Waste crime is toxic in that it despoils our natural environment, imposes costs on already cash-strapped councils and robs the Treasury of tax revenue.

'Any serious attempt at place-based reform must look to addressing the iniquities and imbalances of how we tax it and then move to rigorous enforcement and prosecution of organised gangs.'

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